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Eliza Holmes Design

Elizabeth Holmes

31 Albion Avenue Albion Avenue

      YORK,North Yorkshire

      United Kingdom,YO26 5RA

Luxury handmade woollen products specialising in fashion and home.

Green merino wool and cotton scarf for men or women with stripes and fringe.  A winter scarf, hand felted using an eco-friendly process to create a luxury soft scarf suitable for any casual occasion and every day use.  Nuno felted scarf made from merino wool bonded onto a cotton muslin bac..
Red wool striped scarf with fringe for ladies.  Soft wool and cotton scarf made using an eco-friendly process called felting.  Felting is an ancient process that uses the natural bonding properties of wool fibres to create a wool fabric.  A perfect Christmas gift for daughter or birth..
Green  felt scarf with stripes and fringe for women.  Handmade woollen scarf with stripes and hand spun art yarn felted together on a cotton muslin backing.  The scarf has metallic fibres added to give a subtle sparkle.  A soft scarf for winter warmth that can be used for any cas..
Green wool scarf with black flower pattern and fringe.   A cosy scarf for winter warmth, ideal for any special occasion or everyday use.  Perfect as a Christmas gift or birthday present for mum or daughter.  Handmade from merino wool, cotton and metallic fibres using an eco-frien..
Blue scarf hand felted from merino fleece with plait effect detail in copper colour metallic fibres.  The ends are finished off with long dreadlocks bound together to form a tassel.   Light weight scarf made using super soft wool,  felted on to a matching cotton backing.  &n..
Wool and cotton scarf in grey and salmon with long felted fringe.   Made using a low impact process which only requires warm water.   A unique handmade fashion accessory that can be worn everyday.  Approximate length including fringe is 260cm x 13cm wide.Care instructio..
Blue wool felt scarf with crisscross pattern and long dreadlock fringe.   Super soft merino wool winter accessory for warmth and comfort.   Made using a low impact process from eco-friendly materials.  A striking scarf for women to use everyday for casual use.   To..
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