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Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA30049L
A pocket sized pamphlet notebook sewn with madder dyed linen. Features red endpapers and a cover image printed onto hammered card. The internal pages are plain 80gsm cream EU Ecolabel certified paper.Available with one of 3 copies of medieval images taken from "The Complete View of the Dress and Hab..
Ex Tax:£4.50
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10019L
Hand sewn with undyed linen thread, and parchment effect cover with a Medieval woodcut design on. 48 pages of 80gsm squared paper...
Ex Tax:£4.50
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA20004L
A hardback notebook, with curved spine. The red book-cloth spine matches the red endpapers and the cover image is printed onto parchment effect paper. The internal pages are 80gsm cream EU Ecolabel certified paper.The cover image is a copy of a medieval image taken from "The Complete View of the Dre..
Ex Tax:£25.00
Seller: Clay and Wood Works Model: MLG30042L
Hand made Yarn Swift (or wool winder!) made from oak.Includes non-slip base, 4 pegs and wing nut to screw on to the pivot to prevent the arms from flying off should you get too enthusiastic with the winding!The arms measure 61cm and the peg holes are spaced to allow for different sized skeins of woo..
Ex Tax:£30.00
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