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Bedtime! - original seaglass art

Bedtime! - original seaglass art

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Bedtime! - original seaglass art
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A beautiful, funny  & unique artwork designed & created by Yorkshire artist Nicola Furbisher - a lovely gift for anyone who loves the sea and its treasures.

Created, firstly in draft form, and then transferred piece by piece to fine-quality textured paper, the art is then placed in a 15x15cm box frame to protect and preserve it for years and years to come.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you would like more pictures or information - I have posted the image of the piece pre-framing to avoid glare and reflection.

Made with love.

Special note: all my seaglass and pebble art is available made to order if there is a message or image you feel might appeal to you or a loved one. Please visit my Facebook page for more pictures.  

With warmest wishes,

Nicola x

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