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Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10052L
Write your own message on the blank pages of this unfolding book. Your recipient can read it as is or hang it up using the twisted linen ties inside out to create a star ornament. The closed book measures 3 cm x 3cm. ..
Ex Tax:£3.50
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10019L
Hand sewn with undyed linen thread, and parchment effect cover with a Medieval woodcut design on. 48 pages of 80gsm squared paper...
Ex Tax:£4.50
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10002L
A pair of handmade miniature books with end papers showing part of the 1577 county map of Yorkshire by Christopher Saxton. Held shut with a twisted linen cord and hung from sterling silver chain and ear hooks. Comes in a recycled kraft gift box that is reusable and recyclable (minus foam). Ple..
Ex Tax:£25.00
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA20001L
One of a never to be repeated limited edition of 20 handmade art books on the theme of spring, rebirth, renewal, and hope.Each book features leaf shaped covers which have been free-hand tooled. The inside end paper is a gorgeous leaf print chiyogami block printed paper. The pages themselves are shap..
Ex Tax:£15.00
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