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Seller: Clay and Wood Works Model: MLG30021l
This is a hand-made box from reclaimed pine rescued from the roof timbers from Yorkshire buildings, The wood (pine) is over 100 years old, sanded smooth and finished with linseed oil.Hand cut dovetail joints, recessed base, hinged lid with retaining chain.  Internal (fixed) tray for small ..
Ex Tax:£85.00
Seller: Clay and Wood Works Model: MLG30002y
This is a small, hand made block made from reclaimed beech.  The two pieces snap together to form a cube.   A large flat-bottomed hole is ready to accept small pieces such as earrings, a ring or something secret!Finished with linseed oil.Approximate size 5cm x 5cm...
Ex Tax:£7.50
Seller: Clay and Wood Works Model: MLG30043y
This hand made box is made from reclaimed timber rescued from Yorkshire buildings. Sanded smooth and finished with linseed oil and black iron clasp, hinges and handles.Approximate size 50cm x 15cm x 12cm.A lovely gift to give to someone or keep for yourself!This is part of a range of h..
Ex Tax:£60.00
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