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Clifftop Cottage - an original driftwood artwork

Clifftop Cottage - an original driftwood artwork
Clifftop Cottage - an original driftwood artwork
Clifftop Cottage - an original driftwood artwork
Clifftop Cottage - an original driftwood artwork

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Clifftop Cottage - an original driftwood artwork
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Clifftop Cottage  - an original driftwood artwork.

If you have someone who loves the seashore, enjoys beachcombing, and appreciates the mysteries of the findings on a tideline, this little piece will make a perfect gift.

I have to say this piece is almost a keeper. Perched on her clifftop overlooking the glittering sands (it seems to be low tide) this rustic fishing cottage has its fair share of lovely quirks: a steep pathway down to the quayside and a rickety bridge to the little tumbledown storage shed, outside which are genuine fishing ropes and harbour buoys. Street lamps light the way.

At the foot of the cliff an underground stream surfaces :-)

Just a few dippy seagulls to add and her picture is complete. 

Clifftop is a lovely rustic piece of original artwork made entirely using driftwood findings from the seashore.

A scene that seemed to create itself, piece by piece; deciding what went where, and what was required. Other features include railings and foliage.

The piece measures approx 14.5cms left to right; 24.5cms to the rooftop, and approx 10cms front to back, which means it will fit pon the narrowest shelf or windowsill.

The love is in the making, as well as in the sending of these pieces on their way anew, and this piece will be beautifully giftwrapped and will include a hand-printed card detailing the provenance of the driftwood: most of my findings are from the Yorkshire and Northumberland coast; as well as from the glorious Scottish Isle of Mull.

Please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions or would like to commission an order. I have many more examples of my work if you are looking for inspiration. 

NB please be aware that these items are for decoration only and cannot be sold or used as toys.  The pieces of driftwood I use are air dried and entirely natural and so, by their very nature, may contain splinters, nail pieces or grains of sand. 

All of my findings are sourced with the environment in mind. I take only what I can carry in one carrier bag from each beach I visit and conduct a beach clean of plastics and other waste at the same time. I do not take any items that clearly have wildlife living or feeding from them, I do not dig up pieces or pull them free if they are stuck and I leave only footprints behind. I always use recycled packaging materials and all my labels are handmade using recycled card.

In addition, to find our more about my work and why I do what I do, please check out my website: or find me on Facebook under 'Nicola Furbisher, Driftwood Artist'

Your interest is greatly appreciated.

Nicola x

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