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Cruelty free, vegan beauty products

Seller: Chapiteau massage therapy Model: CMT00001L
A cream to help pain relief for sore muscles and joints.Super soothing, comforting and warming. This cream with scents of Cinnamon Bark and Wintergreen is a product that has so many uses. It can clear congestion, warm muscles up and help soothe join and muscle pain. Perfect for either pre or p..
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Seller: Chapiteau massage therapy Model: CMT000012L
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Seller: Chapiteau massage therapy Model: CMT00009L
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Seller: Chapiteau massage therapy Model: CMT000010L
Massage Gift Voucher £10*Voucher to be emailed out on receipt of payment...
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Model: CMT000011L
Massage Gift Voucher*Voucher to be emailed out on receipt of payment...
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Seller: Gdesigns Model: GIE14100L
This zip bag is digitally printed from my original  hand drawn illustration. It's ideal for cosmetics, make up, travel and stationary.It's a perfect gift for any loved ones,Birthdays, Christmas and more.The bag has a  linen cotton pattern on one side, it's fully lined with linen fabric .Ap..
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Seller: Chapiteau massage therapy Model: CMT00003L
A lovely calming oil to help  night time relaxation. Contains Lavender, Marjoram and Roman Chamomile.Can be used in a burner or mix a few drops with a carrier oil (grapeseed is popular) and massage onto skin. Please do a patch test first and not to be used on sensitive skin or if you are all..
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Model: Aoe10007L
only available in store or click and collect..
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Seller: Leeds Refills Model: LEE00002L
For those of us who use earbuds and don't want to throw away plastic buds.Compostable earbuds and in 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging. ..
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Seller: Leeds Refills Model: LEE00073L
Set of 5 bamboo straws made in Bali. Also comes with a straw cleaner for when handwashing clean...
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Seller: Leeds Refills Model: LEE00003L
the handles are made from 100% bamboo, bristles are made of nylon. To compost, snap the head of the brush when finished, and compost the handle. The bristles will need to be thrown away. Bristle strength is medium...
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Seller: cottonrocker Model: COT70000L
Ditch the disposables! Be kind to your skin and the planet with these reusable face wipes. Ideal for removing make-up or cleanser.Made with 100% cotton tops, backed in bamboo towelling, and measuring approximately 3.25 inches square.Each set of 5 wipes comes in an organza bag, so they make great gif..
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