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Custom Made Boho Hippie Curtains

Custom Made Boho Hippie Curtains

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Custom Made Boho Hippie Curtains
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Sweet patchwork curtains made in a Bohemian/Hippie Style. I have used a mixture of fabrics including vintage finds, scarfs, lace, cottons and linens. The curtains are lined with a white cotton fabric to give the curtains a neat finish.

Measurements - I can make the curtains to your specifications.

Tops- I can do either pencil pleat curtains, loop tops or eyelet curtains.

** Please make sure to measure your window before ordering.

All curtains are unique and are made with a mix of different fabrics that have been sourced locally to me in North Yorkshire in England.

Please specify on message what you would like - price is for deposit and we will work together to work out correct pricing.

W 46" x D 54" Inches 89.00

W 46" x D 72" Inches - 98.00

W 46" x D 90" Inches - 108.00

W 66" x D 54" Inches - 105.00

W 66" x D 72" Inches - 128.00

W 66" x D 90" Inches - 139.00

W 90" x D 54" Inches - 149.00

W 90" x D 72" Inches - 166.00

W 90" x D 90" Inches - 180.00

W 90" x D 108" Inches - 220.00

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