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Dandelion and Fluff Bracelet, Cuff, Aluminium

Dandelion and Fluff Bracelet, Cuff, Aluminium

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Dandelion and Fluff Bracelet, Cuff, Aluminium
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Look past the weed and the dandelion clock is a thing of magical and whimsical beauty. Dancing through the air, the dandelion fluff floats off onto a mystical journey.

As well as being pretty, the dandelion has many herbal uses to help with ailments and is said to grant wishes if you make a wish while blowing the seeds from the clock.

This dandelion and fluff bracelet celebrates the dandelion and hopes your wishes come true!

Made from:

Made from a 15cm blank length of aluminium

Width: 1cm, 1.5cm


Adjusting your bracelet: You may want to adjust your bracelet for an even more comfortable fit. To do this, hold both sides of the bracelet and gently squeeze inwards to make smaller or pull outwards to make it wider.



We can send your item direct to the recipient. Just make sure you add a note in your order as 'GIFT' and add your message, then put their address in the delivery section when checking out. Your message will be written on a special Indigo Star gift card. If it is a longer message, it will be written on the back of the card (see photos).


Remove jewellery before bathing and keep away from water and perfumes.


Packaged in an Indigo Star Kraft cardboard gift box.


Most of my items are made to order.

All stamped metal items are stamped by hand. Each letter or image is stamped individually. For this reason, there may be slight differences in spacing and lining which adds to the unique style and character of the piece.

Actual colours, tones, brightness etc may vary to what you see on your monitor.


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