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Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA20049L
Hand-sewn pamphlet with card cover and handmade label. Sewn with hand dyed linen. 48 pages of blank 80gsm eco-friendly paper. Available in 5 different cover designs (inside covers shown in order they appear in first photo), 1- Rose, 2 - Bird and Rose, 3 - Bright Bloom, 4 - Butterfly and Rose, 5 - Da..
Ex Tax:£4.50
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA20001L
One of a never to be repeated limited edition of 20 handmade art books on the theme of spring, rebirth, renewal, and hope.Each book features leaf shaped covers which have been free-hand tooled. The inside end paper is a gorgeous leaf print chiyogami block printed paper. The pages themselves are shap..
Ex Tax:£15.00
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