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Welcome To Fabrication Leeds

Our lovely Leeds shop is on Albion Street in Leeds just down from Waterstones.
Our physical shop is currently closed due to the current lockdown but you can now order our full range online for home delivery..

We are always taking on new sellers, so if you are interested in joing us please get in touch. All our sellers pay for their space and work in the shop. However a 3ft shelf is only £35pm, with 10% commission is you work 8hrs pw, 15% for 5hrs pw and 25% if you work 3hrs pw. Larger spaces are also available.
We are full for some products, such as candles, soaps,ceramics and woodwork. However if you make heritage products, felting, kids clothing, photography, artwork, metalwork, leatherwork, craft kits, bags, textile prints, quilting, macrame and anything interesting then email us for terms to
Seller: cottonrocker Model: COT70000L
Ditch the disposables! Be kind to your skin and the planet with these reusable face wipes. Ideal for removing make-up or cleanser.Made with 100% cotton tops, backed in bamboo towelling, and measuring approximately 3.25 inches square.Each set of 5 wipes comes in an organza bag, so they make great gif..
Ex Tax:£6.95
Seller: Dalia Botanique Model: DCF0001L
A beautiful gift set combining 3 of Fabrication's makers. A pack of cotton re usable face wipes from Cotton RockerA deep cleansing Sea Buckthorn sugar and poppy seed scrub in coconut oil. Suitable for face and body. Dalia BotaniqueA hand carved cherry wood cosmetic spoon for scooping out your scrub ..
Ex Tax:£22.00
Seller: Dalia Botanique Model: DAB0006L
Dalia Botanique's Fullers Earth Clay ( INCI: Solum Fullonom) is renowned for it's wonderful cleansing properties for the skin. You can use this as a stand alone ingredient or to make your own cleansing mask using our Organic floral waters  or pair it with our ground walnut to make a wonderful c..
Ex Tax:£3.50
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS 10017L
Multi media flying heart, Framed...
Ex Tax:£49.00
Seller: Bee Good To The Earth Model: SER90000L
A set of three beautiful beeswax food wraps, handmade from quality cotton fabric, beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil.These wraps make a great started pack, with a selection of sizes to cover and wrap a range of foods, from snacks to bowls and small sandwiches.Measures:small: 15x15cmmedium: 23x23 cml..
Ex Tax:£12.00
Seller: Dalia Botanique Model: DAB0007L
Dalia Botanique's Tahitian Gardinia flowers harvested in French Polynesia and infused in Coconut Oil. The result? A gorgeous scented oil that deeply moisturises the skin and hair.An ingredient you can use as a rich conditioning body or hair oil. A solid product that melts when warm.Gardenia Taitensi..
Ex Tax:£5.00
Seller: Leeds Refills Model: LEE00032L
Reusable metal straw, straight - assorted colours available. Colour picked at random...
Ex Tax:£2.00
Seller: Dalia Botanique Model: DAB0001L
A blend of skin nourishing Chamomile, Calendula and Hemp in a Murumuru and Shea butter base with added Sea Buckthorn oil.Sea Buckthorn is rich in fatty acids and packed full of vitamins and is now renowned for its medicinal and anti-aging properties.  Just some of the compounds within the oil i..
Ex Tax:£9.00
Seller: Clay and Wood Works Model: MLG30034l
This is a set of 6 hand made coasters made from reclaimed oak. Includes wooden stand to store the coasters. Sanded smooth and finished with waxoil. A lovely gift to give to someone or keep for yourself! This is part of a range of hand made reclaimed wood products made by Catherine Fa..
Ex Tax:£28.50
Seller: Drifting DownTime Model: DDN00142L
Handmade with love - a perfect gift for someone who loves the seashore and its treasures.Each one unique, made with driftwood twiglets found in Yorkshire, Northumberland, Scotland and its western isles. The driftwood surrounda a candle holder suitable for one tealight, creating a beautiful cosy..
Ex Tax:£8.50
Model: JWS 102L
Art, framed flying heart, multi media eco art...
Ex Tax:£14.95
Model: JWS 103L
Small flying heart on original Art back ground...
Ex Tax:£25.00
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