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Eco skincare gift set

Eco skincare gift set
Eco skincare gift set
Eco skincare gift set
Eco skincare gift set

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Eco skincare gift set
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A beautiful gift set combining 3 of Fabrication's makers.

A pack of cotton re usable face wipes from Cotton Rocker

A deep cleansing Sea Buckthorn sugar and poppy seed scrub in coconut oil. Suitable for face and body. Dalia Botanique

A hand carved cherry wood cosmetic spoon for scooping out your scrub by FiftyEleven

Gift set comes in a beautiful white Oraganza bag which can be used for storing your products in and re used after.

Sea Buckthorn is a renowned natural ingredient. It has an abundance of skin nourishing fatty acids and vitamins. Sugar and poppy seeds provide an exfoliating action whilst the butters and oils deeply moisturise the skin.

Use the scoop to pop a small bean size amount in your hand. Massage the scrub onto damp seed and gently wipe off with a face wipe.

Sea Buckthorn can stain slightly but will wash off surfaces and materials.

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