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Father's Day

Seller: ELM Photography Model: ELM00003y
Elm by Name black and white images of York  pubs and landmarks  -  including York signs, York Minister , York pubs 10 x 10 cm hard wearing , hard board backed corkGreat gift for fathers day, birthday , anniversary ( maybe one of these pubs was a first date )  , or a souvenir..
Ex Tax:£4.00
Seller: Fiftyeleven Model: FEC21300Y
Multi wood or decorated CufflinksKite laminated cufflinks - made from Beech and Mahogany type wood, laminated into a kite designPyrography cufflinks - Who doesn't need their cuffs held securely by a variety of medieval creatures?The bark edged cufflinks are made from the wood from a rose. The other ..
Ex Tax:£25.00
Seller: Chloe Reanne Embroidery Model: CRD00098Y
Father's Day 10cm Embroidery Hoop.Father's Day quote embroidery handmade by Chloe Reanne Embroidery.A variety of Father's Day themed quotes, words and phrases such as World's Best Dad, no. 1 Grandad, Super Dad and Happy Father's Day...
Ex Tax:£13.00
Seller: Fiftyeleven Model: FEC21100Y
Plain wood cufflinksI am all about using up as much of the wood in my workshop as possible to reduce waste and as someone who wears cufflinks with my shirts it was inevitable that I would get around to making some for other people.They are made from a variety of woods, including sweet chestn..
Ex Tax:£15.00
Seller: Chloe Reanne Embroidery Model: CRD00007Y
Plant Dad 10cm Embroidery Hoop perfect for any doting plant Dad.Plant themed home decor handmade by Chloe Reanne Embroidery.Plant Dad wording hand embroidered in typewriter style front, appliqued onto dark green plant print cotton fabric...
Ex Tax:£13.00
Seller: Fiftyeleven Model: FEC15410Y
Welsh Love Spoon hand carved out of beech and decorated with a rose and a twist.A traditional craft that has spanned centuries, the making of a love spoon was often a way to show romantic intent. Over the years a lot of symbology was worked into the wood with hearts, rings, anchors and more.Th..
Ex Tax:£25.00
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