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Yellow Paper Disc Necklace

Yellow Paper Disc Necklace
Yellow Paper Disc Necklace
Yellow Paper Disc Necklace
Yellow Paper Disc Necklace

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Yellow Paper Disc Necklace
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  • Model: AEB30006L
  • Weight: 500.00g
  • SKU: AEB30006L
  • Location: Leeds
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This beautiful multi strand necklace has been handmade using handpainted and Ink washed paper. A very unique design that will add a real statement to a minimal everyday outfit or dressed up for a special occasion.

The bright yellow disc shapes cascade in layers over the chest and has been hung on fine black wire. The necklace is long enough to slip over the head and is easy to wear.

The paper is sealed and treated so it is durable and strong. The beauty of paper is that it is very lightweight so this can be comfortably worn all day.

Please bear in mind this necklace is handmade and hand painted and may have some irregularities and imperfections. Each design I make is completely unique due to this nature.

Main colours are:
yellow, Black

This handmade item will be shipped presented in a tissue paper filled recycled kraft card box all ready to be wraped as a gift by you.

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