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Lava Beads and Gemstones Diffuser Dreamcatchers

Lava Beads and Gemstones Diffuser Dreamcatchers
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Lava Beads and Gemstones Diffuser Dreamcatchers
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  • Model: DRE00002H
  • SKU: DRE00002H
  • Location: York
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Small Dreamcatcher with lava beads and a gemstone.    

An holistic dreamcatcher with added healing benefits add your favourite essential oil to the lava beads, natural lava beads are porous, simply add a drop or two of oil to each bead to diffuse and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits and scent.  When the scent wears off just add more drops - ideally when adding oil drops leave to soak over night to wear the next day. These dreamcatchers come with a range of gemstones from rose quartz, aventurine, amethyst, turquoise, tigers eye plus many more...

Made with recycled materials where possible along with natural jute and feathers. Please enquire for further details or to place an order or to request a personalised one or send one as a gift to a friend or loved one - postage & packaging included. 

Circle size 10cm

Length from circle top around 20cm 

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