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Seller: Clay and Wood Works Model: MLG10020l
This is a beautiful hand-thrown stoneware cup and saucer.Ideal for hot or cold drinks.Holds 200mlsDishwasher/oven and microwave safe.The glaze is Sea Green (other glazes are available on request).A lovely gift to give to someone or keep for yourself!This is part of a range of hand-thrown ceramics ma..
Ex Tax:£27.50
Seller: Rubbish Seaside Model: RUB30015l
Does your living room downstairs toilet need a bit of cockeyed defence advertising to spice things up a bit? Of course it does! And now you can do just that with this tasteful hymn to the world's premier bag of flying spanners. Behold, the MiG 21 in all its janky glory!..
Ex Tax:£8.00
Seller: Clay and Wood Works Model: MLG10035l
Hand thrown ceramic mug.The glaze is Giants Causeway.Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe...
Ex Tax:£18.00
Seller: Rubbish Seaside Model: RUB30002l
Want to foster a sense of innate kinship and esprit de corps across a Leeds based office? Or maybe you’d prefer to strike fear into the hearts of colleagues hailing from beyond the LS postcodes? Either way, this fine-looking 10oz mug is what you’re after and should leave your colleagues in absol..
Ex Tax:£8.00
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