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Art and Illustrations from local artists

Seller: Rubbish Seaside Model: RUB50001l
Celebrate Leeds' less-awful-than-Manchesterness with this beautiful 48cm x 68cm, 100% cotton tea towel. Comes with an ace hooky-danglie bit and everything.**CLICK & COLLECT ONLY**..
Ex Tax:£10.00
Seller: Gdesigns Model: GIE15000L
4 set coasters  with gloss surface printed on hard backing approx 90mm  x90mm..
Ex Tax:£14.00
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS11008L
Art, Landscape, Winter in Yorkshire, mixed media, original art, print..
Ex Tax:£29.00
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS11004 L
Art boxed miniature flying heart,   Part of the Loves Conquers All Collection...
Ex Tax:£9.95
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS11400L
Art Yorkshire landscape made with re cycled tin Art ...
Ex Tax:£29.00
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS10013L
Art Winter in Yorkshire Landscape original Art ..
Ex Tax:£15.00
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS10009L
Art, dragon fly, this is part of my ‘Beautiful World ‘ collection.Made from drinks cans and beads. Outside size of the frame is 33 cm...
Ex Tax:£39.00
Model: JWS10005L
Art, flower image, made from up cycled tin, ..
Ex Tax:£39.00
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS60000L
Art, flower, multi media, up cycled, original art..
Ex Tax:£49.00
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS10010L
Art, bee image made from up cycled tins, original Art back off, Jewels..
Ex Tax:£49.00
Seller: Jewels Model: JWS50000L
Limited edition print, limited to 100 with certificate of authenticity, dated, numbered and signed by the artist. Part of Love Conquers All Collection...
Ex Tax:£39.00
Seller: Fiftyeleven Model: FEC15500L
Hand Carved Leaf Frog in Spalted beech or WalnutI have always had a love of frogs for the many varied colourful and interesting shapes they have. However it was after a visit to the Vivarium at Manchester Museum that I started making frog carvings as I was introduced to the fringed leaf frog.Active ..
Ex Tax:£30.00
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