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Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00014y
Have your own exotic animal in jar for display purposes only not dishwasher safe.Please contact me for other animals you want to bottle...
Ex Tax:£1.00
Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT000015y
Collection of hand crafted festival wear hair bands and hair Fascinators can be made to order  ..
Ex Tax:£6.00
Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00009y
Temporary tattoos sold individually...
Ex Tax:£1.00
Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00011y
Shell ring styles may vary. Can be made to order come in Store to see what we have in stock ..
Ex Tax:£1.00
Seller: Ruthys Model: Rut00015y
Crowe shell bracelet in various coloursonly Black string available online...
Ex Tax:£1.00
Seller: Ruthys Model: Rut00027y
a beautiful handmade fairy chair perfect for a fairy to sit on.Lovingly handmade using drift wood twigs skeleton leafs and moss and then finished with magic Measurements Height approx. 5 inchesWidth approx. 3 inchesDepth approx. 2.5 inchesAll of my items have been made using natu..
Ex Tax:£8.00
Seller: Ruthys Model: Rut00026y
Perfect evening gown for a seaside fairy made from natural and found materials such as shellls pressed flowers moss wood and feathers.each dress is unique.for decoration only please keep me inside for a fairy to find. Just the right size for a fairy about 6.5 inches high...
Ex Tax:£15.00
Seller: Ruthys Model: Rut00025y
Flickering fairy fire pit takes a small battery for indoor use only approx  2 inches in size ..
Ex Tax:£3.50
Seller: Ruthys Model: RUT00015y
Hand stitched felt fried egg £2 each or £10 for half a dozen.Ideal for a Easter present ..
Ex Tax:£2.00
Seller: Ruthys Model: Rut00020y
Festival science Google’s by woof Can be made to order ..
Ex Tax:£15.00
Seller: Ruthys Model: Rut0001y
Flower dust mask can be made to order ..
Ex Tax:£10.00
Seller: Ruthys Model: Rut00066y
Sinister hair fasinator perfect for Halloween...
Ex Tax:£10.00
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