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Art Print Paper Ring

Art Print Paper Ring
Art Print Paper Ring
Art Print Paper Ring
Art Print Paper Ring

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Art Print Paper Ring
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  • Model: AEB20008L
  • Weight: 400.00g
  • SKU: AEB20008L
  • Location: Leeds
Ex Tax: £18.00
This small chunky ring makes a real statement and was inspired by 80s pop culture and vintage fashion from the 60s. Designers such as Mary Quant and Lucinne Day the ring features black and white patterned paper with a striking yellow accent.

Made from paper the piece has been sealed to give it strength and durability.
The ring focal sits on a black adjustable ring shaft so will fit many finger sizes.

Please bear in mind this ring has been carefully handmade and finished and may have some irregularities and imperfections. Each jewellery design I make is completely unique due to this nature.

Presented in a lovely solid wooden box, the ring will make a perfect gift for someone special.

Main colours are:
Black, yellow, white, grey

Disc diameter: 2.5cm

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