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Viking Nalbinding Full Mittens

Viking Nalbinding Full Mittens

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Viking Nalbinding Full Mittens
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Beautiful nalbound full mittens in the single danish stitch. Made with 100% chunky Shetland yarn that has been hand spun and hand dyed with woad (very light blue), indigo(darker blue), madder (red) and alder buckthorn (golden yellow); all mordanted with alum. Handmade from beginning to end, the perfect heritage gift!

Wool Brand or Type: Farm based yarn Wool Weight/thickness: Chunky

Available to be made custom, in a variety of colours.

Suitable for medium to large sized hands. Short in style, from wrist.

Fingertips to wrist:8.25" (21.5cm)

Around wrist: 8" (21cm)

Across palm:4" (10.5cm)

Length of thumb:2.5"(7cm)

Width of thumb:1.5" (4.5cm)

Thumb join to wrist:3.5" (9.5cm)

Perfectly suitable for Viking Age Re-enactment 8th-11th century portrayals.Based on Later-Iron Age (Viking-Age) archaeological find from Lodose, Sweden.

Nalbinding is the historical name used to describe the earliest form of wool craft that predates modern knitting and crochet. There are many different cultural types of nalbinding; Nidavellnir specialises in this craft during the Viking Age in the British Isles, North Atlantic, Scandinavia and Northern Europe. All the items you see within the shop are handmade by yours truely , using 100% wool, Rare breed British wool and Icelandic wool.

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