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Writing Paper

Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10016Y
An illuminated design on cream laid paper, with a hand stamped envelope, and string for tying shut.Inspired by historical methods for securing post, this letter set comes pre-folded and cut to allow you to sew it shut. The set includes paper, string, envelope, and instructions on how to seal y..
Ex Tax:£3.00
Seller: Anachronalia Model: ANA10015Y
A printed design on cream laid paper, with a hand stamped envelope.Inspired by Victorian telegrams this letter set comes pre-folded and with a hand-stamped gummed sticker (just wet the back of it to stick it down) so you can write your own historically-inspired letter.The set includes pre-folded..
Ex Tax:£3.00
Seller: Gembobs Model: gem11154y
Handmade envelopes in packs of 5 with good quality handmade paper inside. size of average envelope - 14cm x 19cm The styles vary in colour and pattern. They are all individual and will be a random selection made in lovely paper.Handmade with quality and love, by Gembobs crafts...
Ex Tax:£6.00
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