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Yarn Bowl Large

Yarn Bowl Large

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Yarn Bowl Large
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Yarn Bowl Large

Margaret Glackin's ceramic Yarn Bowls are the original and best!  They are hand thrown using stoneware clay, with a distinctive hand-cut "Y" shape to is represent Yorkshire and Yarn.  The Yarn Bowls (and other ceramic items) are glazed using Margaret's own glaze recipes which are inspired by the Yorkshire landscape, where she now lives, and the Antrim coast of her childhood.  For a detailed description of glazes please click here:

As each item is unique there is some colour variation between items.  The pictures below show a close example of the colour you will receive.

for further visual representation please have a look on Margaret's website:

Please contact us to confirm if an item is in stock.

Approximate size:

Large - 16cm wide, 10cm high.

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