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York: Death By Heritage - Tea Towel

York: Death By Heritage - Tea Towel

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York: Death By Heritage - Tea Towel
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Endlessly twee labyrinth of ye olden twaddle by day! All-encompassing stag-and-hen hellscape by night! Come to York and feel your life ebb away in a hail of ridiculous street names, wall-to-wall tourists and interlopers from North East who've had a skinful before tea! It truly is death by heritage.

Printed on 300gsm recycled heavyweight white board and signed + dated by the artist, this A3 Rubbish Seaside print is an ideal way to settle some scores for ruined summers and dashed childhood dreams.

Comes packed in a cello bag and rolled in a massive 10.5cm diameter heavy duty postage tube for extra breathing room/ruggedness (please note that these prints are unframed).


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