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Welcome to Fabrication York

Our lovely York shop is Coney Street in York
Our physical shop is currently closed due to the current lockdown but you can now order our full range online for home delivery..

Seller: Kemp Arts Model: LWK21802y
**NOT AVAILABLE FOR POSTAGE** -click & collect or instore only 26X26CMcircle frame (small)An arrangement of slip cast 'circle' pots in a box style frame. displayed in a 3x3 pattern of circles. A modern 3d ceramic wall art. The circles are cast individually by hand and finished with a clear ..
Ex Tax:£28.00
Tree of Life Dreamcatcher Collection Prices From...
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Seller: Dreamweaving Dreamcatchers Model: DRE000014
This is a collection of some of the tree of life designs that i have made for the shop or as a custom order please feel free to browse....Tree of Life is a universal symbol that can represent many elements such as growth and strength, positive energy, good health and a bright future. These will make..
Ex Tax:£20.00
Ceramic  Robins
Out Of Stock
Model: CBW00023Y
Clay robins hand made by the `pinched` pot method & hand painted with coloured slips.  Once out of the kiln smoke fired.  13 x 8 cms.  Made at Boyne-Whitelegg Pottery in Heworth, York...
Ex Tax:£18.00
Seller: Kemp Arts Model: LWK21702y
A handmade ceramic piece ( heart or star) presented in a frame or as a wall hanging.Every frame is unique.( images are examples)  Each centre is made by hand and is an original piece. They are white earthenware with a clear glaze finish. All coloured parts are created using recycled crushed gla..
Ex Tax:£18.00
Model: CBW00022Y
A fun clay Elephant head that can be hung on the wall by a single panel pin.  Approx 18 x 16 x 14 cms.  Handmade in Heworth York by the modelling technique & then painted with coloured slips...
Ex Tax:£52.00
Seller: Boyne-Whitelegg Pottery Model: CBW00009Y
Handmade & hand painted in Heworth, York.  Small clay hanging blue tits. Turquoise, blue, yellow, white & black coloured slip painted on the clay & later fired in the earthernware kiln.  Ideal for birthday or christmas gift...
Ex Tax:£4.50
Model: CBW00049Y
Small clay hearts.  Rolled out clay that is textured & once dry red glaze brushed on.  Each one slightly different due to the texture. Approx 4cms.  ..
Ex Tax:£4.50
Seller: Boyne-Whitelegg Pottery Model: CBW00003Y
A Clay puffin head, make in small Pottery Studio in Heworth, York.  Approx 9 x 13cms.  Can be hung by a single panel pin. Black, orange, red, white & yellow....
Ex Tax:£48.00
Ceramic Robin Ceramic Robin
Out Of Stock
Seller: Boyne-Whitelegg Pottery Model: CBW00024Y
A handmade clay small robin.  Made in Heworth York. Approx 9 x 7 cms...
Ex Tax:£10.00
Seller: Kemp Arts Model: LWK21703y
A handmade ceramic decorative art piece framed or wall hanging with a plaited twine hanging. Ceramic is handmade, original design, white earthenware with a clear glaze finish and a recycled glass centre makes the coloured part. Glass is crushed and melted during the firing process, the end result is..
Ex Tax:£22.50
Framed A3 Rubbish Seaside Print
Out Of Stock
Seller: Rubbish Seaside Model: RUB40001y
It's an A3 Rubbish Seaside print BUT IN A FRAME.**CLICK & COLLECT ONLY**..
Ex Tax:£35.00
Framed Rubbish Seaside A6 Postcard
Out Of Stock
Seller: Rubbish Seaside Model: RUB40003y
It's a Rubbish Seaside A6 postcard BUT IN A FRAME.**CLICK & COLLECT ONLY**..
Ex Tax:£8.00
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