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Welcome to Fabrication York

Our lovely York shop is Coney Street in York
Our physical shop is currently closed due to the current lockdown but you can now order our full range online for home delivery..

Seller: Tori Foster Silver Model: TOR44000Y
Sterling Silver rectangle Studs, simple, minimal studs earrings that are easy to wear. Great on their own but would look lovely teamed up with my cube studs2mm wide square silver wire 1cm in length1cm ear postsButterfly backs..
Ex Tax:£20.00
Seller: Mengying Shao Model: MYS00043y
Recycled leather earrings with raw brass ..
Ex Tax:£24.00
Seller: Tori Foster Silver Model: TOR11444Y
Great for multiple piercings or if you can't decide, 3 pairs of stud earrings made with recycled sterling silver. One pair of disc studs and two pairs of rounds studs, one small, one larger. Due to the method of manufacture and the recycled nature of these studs, they may not match the pictures exac..
Ex Tax:£30.00
Seller: Tori Foster Silver Model: TOR00044Y
I made myself a pair of these studs when I needed some discrete earrings for work. They are ideal for everyday wear or for multiple piercings, I wear mine in my second lobe piercing. The balls are made from recycled sterling silver.Sterling silver5mm round ball10mm postsbutterfly backs..
Ex Tax:£12.00
Seller: Tori Foster Silver Model: TOR66000Y
Simple disc stud earrings made from recycled sterling silver These earrings are handcrafted, melting down silver off cuts and hammered into shape. Because of this they may not exactly match the photo as each one will have its own marks and unique charm. They are great for wearing every day , a ..
Ex Tax:£20.00
Seller: Tori Foster Silver Model: TOR44099y
Perfect for daily wear, these are neat little hoops made from sterling silver wire. Approx 1.5cm diameter..
Ex Tax:£20.00
Seller: Tori Foster Silver Model: TOR44444y
A pair of my every day silver hoops with a little silver charm. Available options are star, crescent moon, lightening bolt and pole star. Studs in these designs are also available.approx 1.5cm diameter...
Ex Tax:£25.00
Seller: Mengying Shao Model: MYS00012y
Minimum look one colour ear studs with recycled leather setting..
Ex Tax:£12.00
Seller: Tori Foster Silver Model: TOR11144Y
Sodalite studs with butterfly backs, 8mm round stones mainly dark blue with some white. Sterling silver.This needs to be sent via the Special Delivery option to be insured, any losses or damages can not be claimed for if sent as standard delivery...
Ex Tax:£40.00
Seller: Tori Foster Silver Model: TOR77000Y
Sphere studs made from recycled Sterling Silver. These silver earrings are a simple pair of studs that can be worn on their own or mix and matched with other studs. I originally made myself a pair of these for work because I couldn't find a discrete pair of earrings, problem solved!Due to the method..
Ex Tax:£20.00
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