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Christmas Decoratons

Welcome to Fabrication York

Our lovely York shop is Coney Street in York
Our physical shop is currently closed due to the current lockdown but you can now order our full range online for home delivery..

Seller: Dreamweaving Dreamcatchers Model: DRE00090Y
'Dreaming of a wonderful Christmas time' This festive dreamcatcher was made with Christmas in mind with seasonal colours it would make a lovely decorative piece for your home or as a gift for whoever you chose xThis is a 6 inch hoop length from top of hoop is 14 inch ..
Ex Tax:£16.00
Seller: Kemp Arts Model: LWK50007y
A christmas tree ornament or hanging decoration. strung with ribbon.White earthenware ceramics, clear glaze finish. Recycled glass - coloured element.Each one is unique.Approx. 12cm in height ..
Ex Tax:£7.00
Seller: Gembobs Model: gem21125y
Handmade Christmas tree felt decorations!! All handmade by myself in York, UK.They are on of a kind, so each one will be slightly different. Made using high quality felts and hand stitched to create a unique charm. They are then filled with polyfiller...
Ex Tax:£4.50
Seller: Tina Green Glass Artist Model: TGGA019Y
Tiffany style glass and wood Christmas tree decorations ..
Ex Tax:£4.50
Seller: Tina Green Glass Artist Model: TGGA018Y
Tiffany style glass beaded tree decorations ..
Ex Tax:£5.00
Seller: Tina Green Glass Artist Model: TGG039Y
Fused glass Christmas coasters various designs..
Ex Tax:£6.50
Seller: Tina Green Glass Artist Model: TGG031Y
Snowman fused glass Christmas decoration ..
Ex Tax:£5.00
Seller: Fiftyeleven Model: FEC15120Y
Green Man/Varient TomteEach Tomte is unique, the wood is first decorated with pyrography and then painted...
Ex Tax:£3.00
Small angel suncatchers
Out Of Stock
Seller: Tina Green Glass Artist Model: TGGA016Y
Tiffany style glass small angel suncatchers ..
Ex Tax:£5.00
Seller: Tina Green Glass Artist Model: TGGA020Y
Tiffany style glass snowman Christmas decorations ..
Ex Tax:£5.50
Seller: Kemp Arts Model: LWK50005y
A small white earthenware ceramic star by kemp arts, with a clear glaze finish. Coloured element is made using recycled crushed glass. ( fires with a crackled finish) Each star is unique. APPROX. 9CM ACROSS AT ITS WIDEST POINTSThese are made in a variety of colours & styles. PHOTOS ARE..
Ex Tax:£5.00
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